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RTM will assist you in identifying entry points, demographic targeting, and how to establish deep engagement.
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As an eSports Marketing Agency  | We Get It - We Know It
Gaming Experience Counts

eSports is huge, a growing and an obvious marketing opportunity. This is known to some, but with many brands, gaming is ultimately an untapped market.  The most seasoned marketing experts see new and unused opportunities to learn more across all eSports games.

Is the growing eSports fandom a good fit for your brand? 

We get it naturally, you will have questions.....

1. Who is the best eSports team?

2. How should our brand invest in eSports?
3. When should we launch?

4. How is success determined?

eSports sponsorship, marketing plans, and end to end activation are analyzed and evaluated differently from traditional sports. When connecting with eSports professionals, competitors, fans, spectators, game culture, direct experience and insight matter.