High-End Hardware In Next Level eSports

eSport pro gaming equipment

What Is Victrix? The Brainchild of Ozhan "Oz" Maker, a 17-year gaming hardware industry veteran and the General Manager of Victrix Pro, a premium esports hardware brand, engineering/development outfit based in San Diego. Victrix is a company within a company, the larger being PDP (Performance Designed Products). Our first product, Victrix Pro AF ANC, is an aviation-grade noise-canceling gaming headset that's developed for the esport tournament pro's needs.

Now after several years in development, it's about to debut in early June with additional esports products coming later this year, and more companion products lined up in the next 2-3 years. Red Bulletin is excited to see where this new level in the upmarket products for esport players and teams leads in the coming months and years.

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