Mobile Marketing Tips For Ya Biz

5 mobile marketing trends for small business

5 Mobile Marketing Tips & Trends Your Business Needs Now

Wireless Mobile devices, specifically phones, are extensions of the body. Smartphone users, all of them with a phone carries it everywhere. They use them for basic or even complex personal and professional interactions. Everything from chatting to booking vacations. The in everyday life application with mobile phones seems infinite. Triangle Team took a pulse from our Entrepreneur millennial network on their opinions in the best mobile trends proving most effective and creating a positive user experience. Keith Roxx - OneSolarSociety - Real RTM Client Quote! “Mobile devices are without a doubt one of the best channels to reach and interact with potential customers. Since implementing an ongoing monthly mobile marketing strategy we have seen a direct increase in leads, engagement, and sales." Here are 5 vetted break out trends that should be in your marketing wheelhouse. 1. Simple Is Sexy - “Simplicity, in many aspects, wins. Mobile users want a web design that is easy and simple to use.

2. Text Message Marketing - SMSmarketing has increased substantially allowing business to send offers and information to targeted audiences who are enthusiastic and engaging their brands, products, and services. 3. The Popular Proxy - Proximity marketing has brought on the go engagement to new heights directly marketing to users on the go in brand relevant geo-locations. 4. What you know bout WhatsApp - The totally free to use messaging and calling web-based platform allows business to connect globally at a fractional cost. Marketing to users with this application offers far reach and mobile-based engagements. 5. Streaming Them Along - Live stream video A lot of small businesses, especially restaurants or event companies, use live stream video to attract people to the restaurant or party. The Immediate value in posting a live video, their online followers can get a real-time view of what the scene is like and may stop by. The Triangle Provides all of these and more. Let's get your business set up with a solid mobile marketing strategy. Get a free consultation today! RTM Business Development Team

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