New iPhone X - Lines Suck Sometimes

Why the lines. Want the iPhone X, iPhone Xs Or the iPhone Max? Most people the early adopters and most loyal Apple product users must be 1st. Fortunately today there are many options for getting your newest 3rd screen device.

Everything from independent retailers, to e-commerce sites and even survey groups are handing out the most sophisticated smartphone ever built. Don't get me wrong I have stood in many a line for products deemed worthy by multiple media services, pop culture, and peers. IE Grand Theft Auto Vice City.

We think the real value of the line experience for the new iPhone could be new connections, great conversation and another very much needed way to speak to people directly and outside of social media. But if that won't work for you and you don't want to wait for the inevitable iPhone X price reduction, there are still other options you can consider without leaving your house.

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