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In all industries, business and services live or die by the quality of their leads. One may consider data to be lead adjacent. This is not far from the truth. But with data which certainly has it's place. It shines in quantity and is a numbers driven model. Too often non-targeted rooted in churn and burn. In some cases a business may need a more tailored solution. Depending on your business model this can be a solution for you. However, in today’s marketing, social immersed and competitive landscape, the “LEAD” can take many forms. The lead is targeted, interested in a specific product or service and in many cases already shopping for services or something similar.

Here at Red Triangle we take this a step further beyond traditional use of a lead magnet. We accomplish lead targeting by using the simple leads principle with the most used, viewed and always in arms reach device. You guessed it, your mobile phone. By combining the most popular life balancing device with direct product and service demands across various industries, we have created the SMS direct lead generation program.

SMS Direct leads is excellent for many industries. Lead generation in real estate, solar installation request, loan leads, travel, insurance and much more.

Leads that are looking for your services and delivered directly to your smartphone in Live-Time. This is done right at the point of interest. You receive the lead directly when they are looking for your service. Engage them immediately by winning the mobile moments and initiate the coveted profit driven conversion process.

Want in...learn more today with a Free Consultation and a Risk Free SMS leads funnel Starter Campaign. We are offering 20% OFF all first time orders for 14 days of unlimited tailored and targeted sms direct leads. Start today and lets up your lead flow now!

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