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Hello All, Sometimes we just need to break down the school of thought on generating quality b2b leads. As many of you know, lead gen is a quality game more than quantity when you take the right facts into consideration to know their effectiveness. Want to understand marketing’s impact? Look no further than the quality of the sales pipeline. Successful B2B marketers increase sales conversion rates by 50% over their less successful peers. One of the top drivers of their success? A large number of customer contacts or consistent engagement. The average supplier sources 43% of leads from marketing, but the most successful B2B marketing organizations source 60%. It’s not just about volume, though. Lead generation is a quality game, too, and top-performing B2B marketers deliver with significantly higher conversion rates than below-average marketers: nearly 10% conversion compared to 6%. Success doesn’t come free. Delivering quality leads to sales requires marketers to attract and cultivate customers over time and through multiple interactions. Use of the marketing funnel and lead funnels from inquiry to conversion, B2B companies have 24 interactions with a potential customer on average. Fifteen of those are handled by marketing. They occur as marketers move prospects along the pipeline from inquiry to marketing accepted lead, from marketing accepted lead to marketing qualified, all the way to sales acceptance and beyond. The seemingly large number of contacts suggests that volume drives success. But it’s not just about volume with touches either—successful B2B marketers say that engaging across a range of platforms produces results, with telesales outreach, email newsletters and social media posts having the highest impact on whether a marketing qualified lead gets passed along and accepted by sales. Let's keep the leads flowing! Get 10 days of free targeted lead flow now. Lean More...

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