7 Reasons Your Business Needs Mobile Marketing SMS Strategy

2 women celebrating sms marketing business success.

1. Survey Says - A quick SMS blast can yield information at a higher response rate than any other campaign. This is because a simple yet engaging question takes very little time. Your audience will respond, so running a survey is always a win for instant insight. 2. Direct The Mail - Conversion rates on direct mail can be 3% on average. SMS can boost your open rate. Try using another incentive within 24 hours of the delivery. This will entice customers to open the mail. 3. SMS Promo Offers - Sending time-based offers and promotions to your customers will get high responses. What makes this such a great option is they will respond quickly, which means faster and higher ROI. Utilize a text message sender service. 4. Engage Engagement - SMS is personal in it's very nature. A recipient will open almost every text that comes in. Use this new generational obsession with the mobile phone to secure immediate engagement with your customers or audience. 5. Mouth Piece - Naturally you have customers who have had their best experiences with your business. They already rave about you. Identify them, expand the relationship and set up special offers and tips for them through mobile sms. 6. Knowledge Is Power - Having consumer SMS data is valuable. Once you have segmented your response data from previous efforts. Use that information for more targeted and personal marketing to your customers through SMS and other marketing initiatives. 7. Economic Logic - Mobile text marketing provides a high response to low-cost marketing. Smartphones can receive SMS messages globally. This offers a massive opportunity for maximum exposure to your product or service in an instant and low cost. This makes an ROI much easier to see than other forms of marketing. 160 characters per message mean a quick read to engage your audience anywhere. Not convinced yet? For a limited time book a "Quick SMS" broadcast US and Canada only. Fast signup and 24hr launch. 2 for 1 sms blast any product, any service, any site or promotion. Harness the power of mobile sms today.

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