5 Benefits You Did Not Know About Text Message Marketing

5 sms-marketing-benefits

By now it is likely you have heard of text message marketing. The usual selling fact that SMS and global text marketing is one of the most powerful marketing strategies a business can implement. We are going to share a few benefits you didn't know about SMS marketing and why it can benefit your business. 1. SMS marketing will greatly increase customer and prospect engagement.

With 4 billion connected mobile devices trending by 2019 and the average phone is checked 150 times per day, the opportunity for mass engagement is obvious. This can take many forms. Some of the most popular and effective uses of SMS marketing engagement are…. Special Promotions Premium Content And Instant Updates To Key Customers Contest & Giveaways 2. Text Message Marketing Is more effective than email. 98% of the SMS messages sent are opened within 5 minutes? Why that matters... No spam filter or the bottomless it of a spam folder. Open rates are basically certified with the high habit of responding to a text message. The natural less intrusive nature of a text message is sure to put your customers at ease with time and convenience. 3. SMS Marketing Is An Excellent Addition To Almost Any Marketing Channel SMS meaning targeted text to social media followers as follow up to an SMM campaign. Special promotions telling users in real-time to text in for special offers on a marketing video. Having attendees of events sign up for VIP access via text message.

4. Build Bigger Better Relationships With Customers.

You can include “Mobile Subscribe” CTAs on your website for someone to opt-in. If you have a Brick and Mortar location you can promote within your store using in-house signs and or even word of mouth. If you already have an email list you can cross promote your opt-in request and contextual marketing efforts.

Strong follow up to many general marketing efforts such as print, radio, TV, or creative paid marketing efforts. Inviting anyone who is following you on social media can instantly connect with you by way of text messaging. 5. SMS marketing by far is the most economical marketing option.

Many companies and organizations use SMS marketing message text to deeply engage their audience. After working well with Restaurants, Retail Stores, Collection Agencies, Residential Commerce, Real Estate, Finance and Non-Profits. In short, there is no reason not to try SMS marketing. If you are ready to try today and get a free campaign with your 1st order. https://www.redtrianglemedia.us/mobile-marketing is here to help. Connect with us today.

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