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Executing a new kind of marketing and advertising is never easy. Adjusting to new technology and the inevitable edification that will come with terminology and best practices of any new marketing channel and certainly for text message sender services.

This will clearly be the case with text message marketing, both with SMS and MMS. Often compared to email when there truly is no comparison. On average Red Triangle's mobile marketing clients have text marketing open rates in excess of 97%. Email though popular sees only around 15%. It's obvious how powerful and preferred text message marketing can be. That being said, a common confusion point within the text messaging space is the difference between SMS and MMS including which is more effective. In today's Red Bulletin update Red Triangle will shed some light on this question and voice the most applicable answers to help in your decision.

SMS vs MMS Similar But Different

Most customers don't want to call or be on phone speaking to a business regarding services. over 70% want to get their answer fast. It is good to know that you can send targeted messages any time day or night. Coupons, sales, events, special occasions, and brand services are some of the most common uses of SMS and MMS marketing.

What Is SMS?

What is SMS? SMS is a text messaging service component of most telephone, internet, and mobile-device systems. It uses standardized communication protocols to enable mobile devices to exchange short text messages. SMS messages have a character limit of 160. Messages with characters that exceed this are broken into multiple messages. With most carriers, today texmessage that are 160 plus characters with still arrive in the correct order to the recipient because of the widely used chain technology in SMS messages.

The Benefits and Hindrances Of SMS Text Messaging

A key benefit of sending SMS text messages is the open accessibility. There is a certain percentage of the smartphone audience that does not own the latest and greatest smartphones. This is a decreasing number of users, but in reality, can still have issues receiving an MMS. This puts SMS as the best and fastest way to reach your customers. Most reply to a text with 90 seconds of receiving it. "This makes your send text message marketing campaign" immediately visible to them on the go. One thing to consider, it's still text. It only has 160 characters and its not rich media so the impression you make on your audience is restricted to those confines.

What Is MMS?

Multimedia Messaging Service is a standard way to send messages that include multimedia content to and from a mobile phone over a cellular network. Most common message types being pictures, audio, and video messages. This is an additional layer of upgraded messaging closely managed like SMS, but evolved technically to allow for multimedia messaging. This is a huge benefit for all brands and campaigns. The rich content that can be included in one of these messages, drive engagement and captures interest and attention. Average file size for this is 500 KB roughly 28 seconds of an audio or video file.

MMS Campaign Pros & Cons

You want customer retention on the text and messages you send them. Images simply resonate and imprint on people better and different than just text according to "Hubspot- "When people hear information, they're likely to remember only 10% of that information three days later. However, if a relevant image is paired with that same information, people retained 65% of that information three days later."

MMS messaging allows you to tap into the visual stimulation people receive from a relevant image to what they can interpret via the text they are reading. This creates a very powerful experience within your MMS campaign allow them to retain more and engage faster. The main disadvantage of MMS vs SMS is accessibility. Sending an MMS message to an obsolete phone would risk the chance of undeliverability. This is certainly not a growing statistic and new phones continue to flood the smartphone market. Livewire made a very good point "files sent via MMS count against both the sender's and the recipient's monthly data limits in their phone service plans." This fact is why some users simply choose not to have MMS activated on their devices. This message type cost both the sender and recipient data. This is certainly something to consider with your target audience, sheer phone capability, and the likelihood of receiving.

MMS vs SMS Conclusion

So now that we have laid out the biggest differences between the 2. It goes without saying which should you choose. In reality, the answer is either one. 95% of smartphone users' devices can receive MMS. Also, most 100% of those people have their phone within reach 24hrs a day. The true governing fact is the nature of your campaign. The goal, tone of the message and the audience. This ultimately will determine which option performs best for you. You will want advanced features with your SMS/MMS provider to take full advantage of either option. Naturally, if you are considering SMS marketing Red Triangle Media has thousands of customers who have already started using SMS marketing and is here and ready to help you launch an amazing campaign. Speak to a Red Triangle expert team member or if you are ready to launch an SMS campaign today we can help.

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